6.5″ pets grooming scissor chunker hair thinning scissor

£ 50.00

Pet Grooming Scissor


Pets Grooming Chunker thinner



Right Handed

Handmade Professional  pets Grooming shears

Titanium multi colour 7 Teeth

Thinning scissor 


It is important to keep the scissors free of debris and gunk to keep it in the best condition ready to give you the best quality cut. This can be as simple as using a toothpick or toothbrush to clean around the pivot screw and around the corners this will prevent the build up of gunk and hair product in and around the blades. It is important to keep your scissors dry since moisture can lead to rust, another effective way to prevent rust is to lubricate the screw using a little oil, it s very important to lubricate your pair of scissors and is recommended once every 1 or 2 weeks to ensure a smooth cut every time.


For health and safety reasons remember to store the scissors in a safe and dry place away from the reach of children as this product is very sharp.

Handle with care:

Keep your scissors blades close and store it to a safe place when not in use to avoid personal injuries as well as for better scissors Performance

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