Aesculap Three Piece Scissor Set

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Aesculap Three Piece Scissor Set
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Aesculap Three Piece Scissor Set

Set of three superb-quality dog grooming scissors
Made from extra durable Japanese stainless steel
Super sharp professional convex edge
Ergonomic design for comfort

Aesculap 7.5” Straight Scissor
Aesculap 8” Curved Scissor
Aesculap 46T Blending Scissor
Plastic carry case
This excellent professional dog grooming scissor set provides you with three superb-quality finishing scissors. This set includes one straight scissor, one curved scissor and one blending scissor. Their very smooth scissoring action allows a beautiful finish and stops your hands from becoming tired quickly. All three quality grooming scissors are manufactured from highly durable Japanese stainless steel, which is renowned for being very sharp to produce a flawless finish.

Aesculap is a German company that produces extremely high specification dog clippers using the latest technology to create the very best in professional clipping. This same high quality can be found in all of Aesculap’s products, including their stunning scissor range.


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