Dog Grooming Kit Scissor Set With Elegant Leather Case | 2-in-1 Dog Grooming Scissors | Thinning and Straight Scissors

£ 80.00

  • CUT LIKE A PRO – 1 x thinning scissor and 1 x straight scissor which can be mounted together to achieve desired length for small or large dogs.
  • SMOOTH CUT – Both scissors have extremely sharp blades that allows for a smoother, cleaner cut while rounded tips ensure safety for rowdy dogs.
  • ERGONOMIC – Intelligently crafted to suit your hand and fingers to give you maximum grip and control, giving you the accuracy of a pro.
  • BONUS CASE – Comes with an elegant leather case to store your 17.5cm scissors, as well as other grooming tools so you can now store them in one pouch!

You Have One Hour To Prepare Your Dog for a Special Moment. Are you Both Ready?

You are about to introduce your furry friend to someone special. Your new pet loving friends, your co-workers, or maybe a new date. It’s your time to show him off. But you have a problem…
It’s been a while since you took him for a grooming session, and his long, rowdy hair is stopping him from looking his best. With the limited time you have, what are you going to do?
BELISY Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is here to save you from this scenario.

Be Your Own Pet’s Hair Dresser with BELISY Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

Instead of scheduling an appointment with your dog’s hair groomer, waiting long lines and spending the whole morning, or having no choice in dire situations, be ready to take the matter into your own hands.

The Dog Grooming Scissors Kit allows you to provide an expert haircut for your dogs and cats with just two scissors. They can be mounted together so you can achieve your desired length. Suitable for large and small dogs, and even cats!

The sharp blades make it easy even for a beginner to cut their pets hair with ease and accuracy, making every slide of the blades smoothly and gently cut each and every strand on its way. At the same time, the rounded tips keep your excited and cheerful pets safe.

The Ergonomic design complements the sharp blade by giving you maximum grip and control to ensure the accuracy of your cut. It’s so easy to use, you might even be able to use it with your left hand!

Finish your dog’s haircut by combing it with the built-in comb of the trimming scissor, or by using a separate dog comb or brush which you can also store in the BONUS elegant leather case that comes with your purchase!

Complete Your Dog Grooming Kit Now by adding it to your basket today!


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