Zaharani Kingfisher 5 Scissor Set

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Zaharani Kingfisher 5 Scissor Set

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Zaharani Kingfisher 5 Scissor Set

  • Set of five Zaharani Kingfisher professional finishing scissors
  • Four mirror finish scissors with convex blades
  • One small bullnosed safety scissor with a serrated blade
  • Made from hard-wearing Japanese steel
  • With kingfisher blue embellishment and orange finger insert

Includes: Zaharani Kingfisher 4.5” Bullnosed Scissor, Zaharani Kingfisher 5″ Straight Scissor, Zaharani Kingfisher 7″ Straight Scissor, Zaharani Kingfisher 7″ 36T Blending Scissor, Zaharani Kingfisher 6.5″ 14T Chunker

These exceptional scissors are exclusive to Zahrani, and are designed in Britain to the highest possible standard. They are made with durable Japanese Stainless Steel and are perfect for everyday grooming use.

Four of the scissors feature an ergonomic offset and profiled handle with a permanent finger rest for comfort and more precise scissoring, a ball bearing tensioning for smooth operation and machined convex edge blades for clean, accurate cutting. The bullnosed scissor features a symmetric handle and a serrated blade edge to hold hair in place for careful and precise cutting.


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