Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Duo Set

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These curved dog trimming scissors are designed to fit the contours of your dog. They can be used to create curves in the fur and to trim curved areas such as the head, belly, legs and feet. It is important to remember that the scissors are already curved and that they will do the shaping for you, so don’t bend the scissors when trimming like you would if using a straight pair of scissors as this might trim off too much fur.


An essential part of any dog-grooming kit, these thinning shears are ideal for thinning out dense undercoat or longer flowing hair. They can also be used for They can also be used for adding texture or blending in areas where the coat fades from long to short, creating a perfect, natural finish without leaving any lines. The blunt ends on these scissors also mean that you cannot harm your dog by accident if they move suddenly.

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