Roseline 4 1/2in Curved Bull Nosed Scissors

£ 35.00

Roseline 4 1/2in Curved Bull Nosed Scissors

Rose Line 4.5″ Curved Bull Nosed Scissors 

  • High-quality professional pet grooming scissors for trimming delicate areas
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Adjustment screw tensioner
  • Symmetric handle
  • 4.5” long

The Rose Line 4.5″ Curved Bull Nosed Scissors (86346) are a pair of professional dog grooming shears designed to offer optimum manageability when trimming around delicate areas. Ideal for work around the feet, face and eyes, the bull-nosed shape of these scissors helps guard against accidental injury. The shape of these scissors makes them ideal for trimming paw pads. They could also be used for setting very fine angulation and following contours around the face.

Rose Line is a premium manufacturer of stainless steel scissors. This German company offers good value, quality scissors ideal for commercial work in busy grooming salons. Each Rose Line scissor is micro-serrated for versatility, resilience and durability. These well-balanced scissors have been designed to catch and hold hair whilst scissoring.


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