Zaharani Dog Grooming Chunker Scissors Kit – 4 Pcs

£ 80.00

Better with Pets in Pet Care:
-Our pet grooming scissors set, your best choice for loving your dogs and cats.
-Truly ergonomically designed for the trimming, thinning and cutting of your animals hair.
Easy and effortless to use, you can save a lot for pets grooming.
-You can make any design for your lovely pet. These scissors are sharp, safety.
-You can use it together with our steel grooming comb, it will reduce pulling hurt the pet hair, pets will be more like the grooming process.

Package Include:
-1 x 8 inch pet straight cutting scissors:Straight cutting scissor mainly used for trimming pet hair flat parts at the torso.
-1 x 7.5 inch chunker shears: Thinning Scissors used for pet more light hair.
-1 x 8 inch curved up scissors: Curved scissor used trimming eyelashes, nose, face, ears, belly, hips, etc. Curved scissors is also an essential tool for beauty modeling.
-1 x steel grooming comb: Steel Comb used for removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt. It is convenient for you to use our beauty comb in the process of pruning. You can also massage your pets with this comb to let your lazy pets more healthy.

  • HIGH QUALITY: These professional pet grooming set are made of high–carbon stainless steel, coated titanium and cold treatment for hardness, durability, each blade comes with razor sharp edges, scissors finished with smooth surface.
  • SQUARE TIPS DESIGN: These dogs & cats scissors with square tip ends provide extra safety protection when grooming the pet sensitive areas, such as face, eyes, paws and body at any time.
  • DIY CREATE: It design for both professional & home DIY cutting, easy to use without fatigue, comfortable handle, even if for more than 10 hour working, it will not hurt your fingers. It is easy to create any hair style for lovely your pets.
  • GOOD ADJUSTMENT: Adjustable screws can control the scissors tight or loose, keep the handle and finger rests contoured for maximum comfort to ensure hand, arm, elbow, shoulder effortless.
  • SOFT FINGER RING: All Shears have an extra finger ring inserts, can let you maximum comfort during long grooming sessions. The soft finger ring inserts let your finger more comfortable.


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