Zaharani Curved pet grooming scissor

£ 100.00

All Shears and grooming combs are made with heavy duty Stainless Steel, Cold treatment for hardness, durability and style; The curved blade of scissors is very smooth, sharp and durable without rusting. This process reduces the friction to shear pet hair breezily.

The curved scissor designed for safety to cut your pets hair around the paws and face. Easy use even for a beginner. Finger loops fit for most hand and the collared insert make it very comfortable to hold & operate.

8” and hand made with exacting precision, truly ergonomically designed for the trimming, and cutting off your animals hair. Easy and effortless to use, you can save a lot for pets grooming cost.

Adjustable screw for tightness or to separate the scissors for sharpening and cleaning, rubber num between handles to dampens the sound of the scissors handle hitting each other.

Removable Finger Ring – Handles and finger rests are contoured for maximum comfort. Comfort and ergonomic thumb and finger-rings, the plastic guards in the finger handles are also removable for cleaning of if you want the extra space.

Item Includes: 1 x Pet Grooming Scissors. AD/6125. Stainless Steel Scissors in Manufacturer Original Packaging.

Additional information

Size 20 cm. (8”)
Material Stainless Steel
Surface Mirror
Weight 40g
Blades  Curved


This product is built to last but it is still important to maintain it after every use for performance and hygiene reasons. It is normal for this product to be used on many individuals through the day so it is your responsibility to keep it clean to avoid passing germs and bacteria from pet to pet as this can be a health hazard.

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