Zaharani Rosette 5-Piece Scissor Set

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Zaharani Rosette 5-Piece Scissor Set

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Zaharani Rosette 5-Piece Scissor Set

  • Quality 5-piece Zaharani Rosette professional grooming scissor set
  • Made from tough 440C Japanese steel
  • Bevelled and micro-serrated blade edge, great for beginners
  • Screw tensioners

Includes: 8.25” Straight Scissor, 7” Straight Scissor, 4.5” Straight Bull Nosed Scissor, 7.5” Curved Scissor, 6.5” 42T Blending Scissor

These hard-working everyday grooming scissors feature one bevelled and one micro-serrated blade edge suitable for groomers of any experience level. The serrations on the scissors help to hold hair, so grooming is easier for beginners.

Designed to be durable everyday scissors, the Rosette range is made from quality Japanese steel for superior strength, so you can use them all day long.


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